How To Change Favicon In Blogger Blog [2022 Update]

How To Change Favicon In Blogger Blog

If you want to make your blogger blog site professional and attractive then it is important to change the favicon in Blogger. This tutorial will help you to know how to change the favicon in blogger.

In the case of Blogger Blog, a default favicon is provided by Blogger. However, it is not attractive and professional at all. You can easily add this favicon to your liking if you want. 

Google added a favicon section to the Blogger blog site in 2012. Then the favicon could be easily changed in the layout section. However, since the 2019 update, this task has become much easier.

What is Favicon in Blogger?

Blogger Favicon is basically the identity of any website or brand to the user. This creates the value of your blog or website to the user. In addition, many times the user saves your website in bookmarks.

 Favicon plays an important role in this bookmark case. When a user bookmarks your website, there is a favicon with the URL of the website. This will allow the user to easily find your website from the next bookmark. The favicon can also be seen by opening the website in the browser.

Blogger's favicon change is needed for SEO?

Favicon has no significance in the case of SEO. Favicon is primarily for the beauty of the website and the creation of user certificates. It has no role in SEO or search engine optimization.

When you create a new blog, a default favicon is provided by Blogger. As a result, whenever a user opens your blog, they can easily understand that your blog is hosted by Blogger. Changing the favicon creates an identity of your own. However, in this case, SEO does not have any effect.

What is Favicon Size for Blogger?

In the case of Blogger, you can use its image in any format as a favicon. However, PNG and JPG images work best. Images must be square. That is, both height and width must be equal.

 For example, you need to have images in a square format like 24 * 24, 48 * 48, 54 * 54, 100 * 100. Of course, the size of your image is 100kb. It should be less. Images over 100kb are not acceptable here. However, I would request you to keep your image within 50kb.

How To Change Favicon In Blogger

Here are a few simple steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation. I have shown you the step-by-step of these methods. To do this, first, open your Blogger and open the Dashboard. Then change the following steps and change the favicon in your blogger.

Step 1> Click on Settings Options

First, you go to the blog's dashboard and click on the setting option in the dashboard. There are many types of options in the sidebar. There is an option called setting. Clicking on that option will open a new page.

Click on Settings Options

Step 2> Click on the Favicon option

This page opens after clicking on the setting option. At the bottom, there is an option called Favicon. I have highlighted that option with color.

Click on the Favicon option

Step 3> Click on the choose file button

A new tab will open when you click on the Favicon option. This page has the option to select the image of your choice. It is very well stated here that the image must be below 100kb. Click on the choose file button here and choose your favicon image.

Click on the choose file button

Step 4> Choose your favicon

This type of window will open after clicking on the choose file button above. Here you can see the images in your file. From here you select the favicon of your choice and then click on the Open button.

Choose your favicon

Step 5> Update the favicon by clicking the save button

After clicking on the open button you will see such an interface. Your file has been selected here. Now click on the Save button.

Update the favicon by clicking the save button

Now your blog site has changed its own favicon. You can open your blog site in any browser and you will easily see your favicon. Below I have a picture of my own blog site as an example.

Change Favicon In Blogger

Hopefully, you have learned very easily from this tutorial How To Change Favicon In Blogger Blog. If you have any problem then of course you can let me know by commenting.

There are a few things to keep in mind when changing this favicon. Try to keep the size of the image you use small. Try to keep the size of the favicon as low as possible i.e. below 50kb

If this favicon does not change on your blog site then you can wait 5 to 10 minutes. Because in some cases it takes some time for the blogger favicon to change.